What can you do in the Noritsu QSS-3001/3011

•The image can be stored to one CD until the capacity of media isfull. (So,
the number of negatives to be stored is not decided.)
(However, up to 5 orders can be seen with the CD-Viewer.)
•DCP cannot be connected.
•EZ-mall cannot be installed.
•The memory stick and SD card are available by replacing the conventional
PC card with Five slots card reader.
•In case of QSS-3011
-CD-R/RW drive and Five slots card reader are standard equipment.
-DVD-RAM is not supported.
•In the illustration, the colors of letter are as follows.
Standard: Black letter
Options: Red letter
(However, in the QSS-3011, the CD-R and CD-RW are in the Black letter.)
•It is possible to process from CT-1.
•12cm CD’s and 8cm CD’s are supported.  Business card CD’s and o
uniquely shaped CD’s are also supported.
•It is now possible to write in multiple sessions. (except CD-R/RW)
•The media capacity of CD is different depending on a maker.
•As for the digital camera media, there is the media with security.  Some of
them cannot process the copyright protected data.
•Even if the media is with security, it can process the data except the
copyright protected data.
•It is now possible to write in multiple sessions.
•The copyright protected data is the encrypted data, and it cannot be created
and edited.
•Follow the attached Operator’s Manual for handling the PC card adapter.
•JPEG 2000 is not available.
•As for the input image format, in case of RGB, 8-bit gradation only is
16-bit gradation or gray scale is not available.
•Media (Windows format) only is available.
•If there is name of image input device maker (Exif data), it is recognized
as the image data from digital camera.  If not, it is recognizedas the image
data from normal media.
•If [Digital image auto correction (Digital camera)] is not used,remove a
check for [Image file selection] screen or [Operator Selections]->
[Corrections] -> [Digital image auto correction (Digital camera)].
•When saving image data taken by digital camera to normal media in the
QSS, the name of image input device maker (Exif data) is overwritten
from ‘maker name of camera’to ‘Noritsu’.  This disables [Digital image
auto correction (Digital camera)] effective when reprinting.
•Refer to Chapter 3 [Front print] for the date of Exif data.
•If you eject the disk from DVD-RAM TYPE2 and use it, writing the data
is impossible.
•In the QSS-3011, DVD-RAM drive is not available.

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