Fuji Digital Minilab Frontier 570 Specification And Features

Fuji frontier 570 printer can print (Media) 4R size 1700 copy per hour. Basically Frontier 550/570/590 between no far different .Wider range of print sizes up to (12R)12x18 inches.Almost Digital Minilab Frontier 550/570/590 models set a new standard for high-speed processing for The next-generation.

Frontier 570 have high-speed laser exposure system and Fujifilm's proprietary Image Intelligence image processing produce exceptional high-quality, high-resolution prints with pure, vivid colors. Expandable to handle a wide variety of digital media, these next-generation Frontier models are simple to operate, even for inexperienced staff, and feature space-saving stylish designs that can be accommodated in any floor space.Dimension of 570 (with 14-order sorter):1515 (W) x 820 (D) x 1390 (H) mm.

Type: Floor-type, normal light operation (laser printer,processor, cutter, sorter in one unit)
Exposure system: Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers.
Paper magazines: Two switchable paper magazines (standard accessory).
Paper widths: 8.9, 10.2, 11.7, 12.7, 15.2, 20.3, 21.0, 25.4, 27.9, 29.7, 30.5 cm
Back printing: Two 40-character lines in backside print of information.
Front printing: Time and date of photograph in black characters in lower-right corner on prints from  Advanced Photo System (IX240) cartridge film.
Printer sorter: SU1400AY, sorting capacity: 14 orders of C/H/P-mixed format prints.
                        SU2400AY, sorting capacity: 24 orders of C/H/P-mixed format prints.
Processing time: Dry-to-dry: 1 min. 22 sec.
Weights: (with 14-order sorter): Approx. 470 kg(520 kg during actual operation)
Your Price: $28,500.00Aprx. (Used)

Download Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier 550/570/590 Main Specificationsin in PDF fprmat
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