how do I enter service mode on Noritsu 3001

Do you want to get into the service mode
All it needs is a small .dat file on a floppy, and you are there. You can store the service disc in the  bottom door with the rest of the back up floppies. it is a small file that can be download HERE.

To generate the daily password:
1. Confirm the date of the machine if it is correct (in the windows menu)
2. Take the date in the reverse order, ex. 03/09/2005 will be: 30905002
3. Divide it for 2260 ex. 30905002/2260
4. Take the result: 13674,779646017699115044247787611
5. We will use just the four numbers after the comma/decimal: 7796. It will be our daily password.
6. Hit Function, Menu
7. Then you press F and -1 keys, and it will ask for the password.
8. Enter the password generated above.
Daily password generator for service mode:;

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