FUJI Frontier 370 with Sophisticated image-enhancement technology

Versatile and expandable
The Frontier 370 can be networked so it can service a wide range of applications ranging from digitised photo-libraries to on-line print services. Together with Fujifilm's SmartPix™ image management system, the Frontier 370 offers genuinely open-ended imaging solutions.

Digital print services including film to CD
The Frontier 370 offers a full range of digital print services and can produce beautiful photos from a range of media including floppy disks, zip disks, CD-roms, PC cards, compact flash and smart-media cards. In addition it enables an efficient film to CD service to be offered with a single pass.

Broad range of standard services
Frontier minilabs can print from 35mm transparency and negative; APS transparency and negative; 120 and 220 transparency and negative.

Superb quality
Sophisticated image-enhancement technology and a proprietary laser exposure system ensure fantastic quality is standard. The technologies automatically compensate for less than ideal shooting conditions and make a visible difference to the end results.

Automatic edits include:
1. Sharpness adjustment to improve the edge definition of objects, shadows and colours to produce crisp, clear photos.
2. Over and under-exposure correction.
3. High-contrast correction - when an overly intense flash leaves the subject too bright and the background too dark, Frontier automatically adjusts both the subject and the background to achieve smoother gradations and more vivid and natural-looking colours.
4. Compensation for corner fall-off and improperly positioned film.
5. Red-eye compensation. • Simple operation
1. A one-channel print system simplifies operation by eliminating the need for manual channel selection and film speed adjustment.
2. A one-touch, single-cartridge chemical system makes replenishment clean, fast and error-free.
3. Two built-in paper magazines can be loaded with different sizes of paper, making it easy to switch between sizes.
4. Efficient, time-saving print sorting system.
5. Automatic film carriers simplify the process of film loading and processing.
High capacity, high speed
The Frontier 370 can print approximately 1,450 6x4 prints per hour.
Multiple print sizes
The Frontier 370 can print up to 10x15 prints.

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