Fuji Frontier 370 Paper jam error 2603 - dryer section Problem Solve

Fuji  Frontier 370 Paper jam error 2603 - dryer section Problem Solve
Message:Paper remains in dryer exit unit. Paper remains in high-speed feeding section when processor is
 Error Detection Method
Dryer exit section paper sensor (D771, D772 or D773)
detects paper when driving the processor.  
1. Incorrectly installed dryer exit unit
2. Faulty D771, D772 or D773
3. Poorly connected D771, D772, D773, HPF, FPF1 or CTP15 connector
4. Poorly connected connector (M770 or PAC3) in the dryer drive section
5. Paper remains in dryer exit section.
Possible cause
(1) Check whether or not the dryer exit unit is
installed correctly.
(2) Check the function of the sensors in the I/O
(3) Check whether or not the connectors in the dryer
exit section and dryer drive section.
(4) Check the dryer exit section paper sensors.
(1) Install the unit correctly.
(2) If a sensor is faulty, replace it.
(3) Connect each connector properly.
(4) Remove paper in the dryer exit section.
None  Confirm the processor drive
system operates normally. 
Anather Solution1.
Check the operation of all the sensors through the software program. You should be able to see the state of each sensor and watch it change states when you block the light path with a piece of paper. This will tell you if it is a sensor or its associated wiring.
Anather Solution2.
problem in your processor. plz check the processor gure  rack ps1 to ps4

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