Anti-dust shutter abnormal.Erorr # 2501 In frontier370

Erorr#2501 is a common problem in Fuji frontier, it see daily morning when stat your frontier. Here discus Anti-dust shutter abnormal.Erorr # 2501 In frontier370 print machine.

D620 does not function even if anti-dust shutter is operated at initialization.

Error Detection Method:
When anti-dust shutter is opening (during initialization or before starting exposure feed):

1. Shutter is opened (by S620).
2. If D620 detects shutter opening within 500 ms, the system functions normally.
3. If D620 does not function, shutter is closed and the same operation is performed again. If the above operation is repeated 3 times but shutter opening cannot be detected, this error occurs.

Possible cause:
1. Disconnected connector of S620 or D620
2. Disconnected harness to PDC13 on the PDC20 circuit board
3. Tripped circuit protector (F4) on the PDC20 circuit board
4. Faulty D620 (14 pin of CTL5) or buffer (17 and 3 pins of U32) on the CTL20 circuit board

Investigation Procedure:
Check whether or not the shutter moves in the I/O check. If the shutter moves but the sensor does not function, the sensor or related prts is faulty.

(1) Turn OFF the system, connect the connectors and restart the system.
(2) Connect the connectors and perform mechanical initialization.
(3) Turn OFF the system, push the white button to reset the circuit protector and restart the system.

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