Massage E-2504 AOM driver cooling fan malfunction on Fuji Frontier370

Its common problem on frontier. When show the Error massage E-2504  AOM driver cooling fan malfunction on Fuji Frontier370 you can take bellow action for solution.

Error Detection Method
1.AOM fan malfunction (Rotating sensor malfunction).
2.State of AOM fan (F_AOM) is scanned every one second after 24V is supplied. This error occurs when "rotating"state is not detected.
May be Cause
1.Disconnected connector for AOM driver cooling fan
2.Disconnected connector (PDC15) on the PDC20 circuit board
3.Tripped circuit protector F1 on the PDC20 circuit board
4.Power is not supplied to the PDC20 circuit board. (Check whether or not the D14 (yellow LED) lights on the PDC20 circuit board.)
5.Faulty sensor (26 pin of CTL5) or buffer (17 and 3 pins of U33) on the CTL20 circuit board, or faulty fan 

Investigation Procedure
Check whether or not the power is supplied to the fan. ®Check the LED on the PDC20 circuit board.®Check the
connector for the fan and PDC20 circuit board. ®Check the circuit protector on the PDC20 circuit board. ®Check the CTL20 circuit board.

Solution/Adjustment/ Check
Open the rear cover and circuit board mounting plate, and check whether or not the AOM driver cooling fan operates properly.
- Connect the connector.
- Reset the circuit protector.
- Replace the circuit board.
- Replace the fan.
- Find out the dry soldering.
- Find out the improper connector.


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