Fuji Frontier 370 feature And Spacification.

Frontier 370 – launched October 2000
The Fujifilm Frontier 370 features a high capacity SP-2000 scanner/image processor that combines three high-resolution CCDs to accurately scan negative and reversal films to provide revolutionary print quality at high speeds with no loss of image quality.

Its exclusive solid-state laser exposure system enables fast, high-quality digital exposures and the LP-2000SC laser printer/paper processor minimises flare and ensures smooth colour gradation – the result, sharp, vivid prints with accurate colour rendition.

Fujifilm's unique three beam laser exposure system provides revolutionary print quality that can be recognised instantly, especially on large 10" x 15" prints.

The Frontier 350 and 370's advanced one-channel print system automatically determines film size and type to pre-set every process. Two built in paper magazines allow the operator to switch between papers sizes or to utilise continuous production without interruptions to change paper.
Input Unit (Scanner and Image Processor SP1500/SP2000)

Floor-type, normal-light operation (laser printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).
Scanning section: 3-line CCD (5000 pixel × 3 colors)
Lens system: Auto variable aperture system lens, Conjugate length variable system
Light source:400W halogen lamp with light amount adjustment system, Line-type mirror box
Film carrier:
1) 135 automatic negative carrier NC135Y (standard); 135F/P/Hv, 135H, strips/piece
2) Automatic negative carrier NC240Y for Advanced Photo System (IX240) film (standard); Advanced
Photo System (IX240) C/H/P color negative cartridge/piece
3) Multi-film carrier MFC10Y (Optional); IX240, 135F, 135H, 135P, 120, 110, 126 (Reversal and
4) Reversal mount auto carrier SC135Y (Optional: 135F, 135H and IX240 reversal mount
Image processing
Optimal color reproduction processing, hyper-tone processing, soft focus, facial expression
enhancement, monotone finishing, RP-tone correction processing, and others.
Veriety print (optional): red-eye correction processing and Mounted print
15-inch/17-inch CRT color display
6-frame display (1-frame display for multi-film carrier MFC10Y)
Processing/transportation capacity:
SP2000 135: Approx.1550 Prints/hr (3R), Advanced Photo System (IX240): 44 rolls/hr
Power requirements: AC200-240V (50/60Hz) 10A, 2.4KVA
Dimensions:936(W) × 815(D) × 1,238(H)mm/36.85(W) × 32.09(D) × 48.74(H)in.
Weight:Approx. 146kg/322lbs
Installation space:Approx. 0.70m2/0.84sq.yd.
Output Unit (Laser Printer/Paper Processor LP1500SC/LP2000SC)

Type:Floor-type, normal-light operation (laser printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).
Exposure system:Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers (solid-state G and B lasers).
Pixel density: 300dpi, Sub-scanning luster density: 600dpi
Scanning speed:Sub-scanning speed: 80mm/sec.
Paper transport system:Full-auto sheet paper transport system
Magazine:Two switchable paper magazine
Paper width: 8.9 to 15.2cm, length: 180m Paper width: 16.5 to 25.4cm, length: 90m
Paper width:8.9, 10.2, 11.7, 12.7, 15.2, 16.5, 20.3, 21.0, 25.4cm
Print size:82.5 × 117mm to 254 × 381mm
Front printing:Time and date of photograph in black characters in lower-right corner on prints from Advanced Photo System (IX240) cartridge film.
Index print:Color index print and normal prints can be printed from Advanced Photo System/135 (negative, positive,black and white) film in one pass.
Print condition setup:Semi-automatic calibration by AC10Y calibrator
Operation panel:16 X 2 lines, LCD display with 8 keys
Counter:Software controlled counting system
Processing system:Multi-line sheet transport system
Processing speed:
LP1500SC 1221mm/min.
LP2000SC 1652mm/min.
Processing time:Dry to dry: 4 min.
Processor capacity:
LP1500SC Approx. 1,300 prints/hr. (3R)
LP2000SC Approx. 1,550 prints/hr. (3R)
Processing chemicals:New chemical system CP-48S (NC replenisher system)

Rack washing:Auto-washing (removable)
Waste solution tank:12L × 1
Sorter:SU1100Y; sorting capacity: 11 orders of C/H/P-mixed format prints (optiional 25 sorter also available)
Power requirements:AC200-240V (50/60Hz) Single-phase 25A, Three-phase three-wire and four-wire, 16A approx.6KVA.
Dimensions:1,708(W) × 830(D) × 1,850(H) mm/67.24(W) × 32.68(D) × 72.83(H) in.
LP1500SC Approx.470kg/1,036lbs (530kg/1,168lbs during actual operation)
LP2000SC Approx.480kg/1,058lbs (550kg/1,213lbs during actual operation)
Installation space:Approx. 1.40m2/1.65sq.yd.

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