Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier 390 Specifications And Feature

SCANNER & IMAGE PROCESSOR Frontier 390 (SP-2500)
Scanning section:
Film carriers:
:3-line CCD; scanning of transported film.
:• 135 automatic negative carrier NC135AG (standard);
135F/P/Hv, 135 H, strips/piece (accepts sepia and
black-and-white films).
• Automatic negative carrier NC240AG for Advanced Photo System (IX240) film (standard); Advanced Photo System (IX240) C/H/P color negative cartridge/piece (accepts sepia and positive films).
• Multi-film carrier MFC10Y (optional) 110, Advanced Photo System (IX240), 135, 126, 120, 220 (6 x4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9) color negatives/strips/piece; color positives/strips/piece/mounting (accepts sepia and black-and-white films).
• Reversal Mount Auto carrier SC135Y
Image processing:
Optimal color reproduction processing, color gradation control, hyper-sharpness processing, hyper-tone
processing, soft focus, facial expression enhancement, monotone finishing, red-eye correction processing,
and others.
Display:15-inch CRT color display Multi-frame display capability (standard 6-frame display, can be set to
display single frame or six frames).
Power requirements:AC200-240V (50/60Hz) 10A, 2.4KVA
Dimensions:936 (W) x 815 (D) x 1,238 (H) mm
Weight:Approx. 146kg
Installation space:Approx. 0.76 m2

Type:Floor-type, normal-light operation (laser  printer,processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).
Exposure system:Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers(solid-state G and B lasers).
Paper magazines:Single paper magazine (standard accessory).
Paper:FUJICOLOR paper (silver-halide).
Paper widths:8.9, 9.5, 10.2, 11.7, 12.0, 12.7, 13.0, 15.2, 16.5, 17.8,20.3, 21.0 cm.
Back printing:Two 40-character lines in Backside print of information.
Front printing:Time and date of photograph in black characters in lower-right corner on prints from Advanced Photo System (IX240) cartridge film.
Index print:Color index print and normal prints can be printed from Advanced Photo System/135 (negative, positive, black and white) film in one pass (by RGB laser
Printer sorter:Sorting capacity: 25 orders.
Printer condition setup:Semi-automatic calibration by AD100 calibrator.
Processor carriage:Roll processing.
Processing time:Dry to dry: 4 min.
Power requirements:AC200-240V (50/60Hz) Single-phase 32A, Three-phase three-wire 24A. Three-phase four-wire 15A.
Dimensions:2,564 (W) x 990 (D) x 1,920 (H) mm.
Weight:Approx. 800kg (1,050kg during actual operation).Installation space:Approx. 2.50 m2
Processor capacity:•135:3R/ 89 x 127 mm: Approx 2,780. prints/hr. (using 127 mm width paper)4R/ 102 x 152 mm: Approx. 2,440 prints/hr. (using 152 mm width paper)
•Advanced Photo System (IX240): 54 rolls/hr. (3R C/H/P-mixed-format prints; 25 exp. roll and index print), (using 89 mm width paper).
•Digital still camera prints: 550 prints/hr. (DSC print size; prints from PC card and SmartMedia™).
•Media Prints: 550 prints/hr. (printed from Zip™ or MO disk).
Printable films:Color negative film:Advanced Photo System (IX240) and 135 (standard); 110, 126, 120, 220: optional;
Color positive film:135 strips, piece and mounting (optional); Advanced Photo System: cartridge and piece
(standard); mounting (optional) 120, 220 (optional), sepia (Advanced Photo System)/135 black and white
film (standard).
Print sizes:82.5 x 117 mm – 203 x 305 mm.(8R=8x10in).
Acceptable digital media:Through external personal computer, prints from floppy disk, ZIP™ disk, CD-R, MO disk, digital still cameras (selected format), Smart Media, PC Card, Compact Flash™, and recommended scanners are available. Processing chemicals:New chemical system CP-48S.

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