Frontier 370 - Picture quality problem Solve

How I Print Photo Clear and Shiny in Frontier370 or any Frontier. How ever the quality of the picture is not so great. I did not know but someone brought a picture from another lab and they are so clear and shiny. Our color looks dull and somewhat blur compare to them.
Solution 1.
Try to filter solutions Р1 and Р2, carefully to wash the car and to make the test pump. Then add approximately on 0,5 l of a fresh solution in Р1 and Р2
Solution 2. Are you printing film or digital? Bad colors can be produced by wrong settings in scanner - there are several possibilitys of color settings in scanner, but no in printer. Check paper and chemicals as described befor.
Print a test grid to verify that your lasers are aligned. If the lines are not crisp and black then something is out of alignment.

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