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Dr. Watson Error and Error Logging
This type of error basically occurs when a memory access rule is violated in the PC.  More specifically, it occurs when, for instance, the memory is improperly used by the scanner software (Frontier software) or an overflow is caused by abnormal image processing calculations.  Substantial improvements are brought about by Version 5.  When this type of error occurs, the system records relevant information to indicate what Frontier software execution sequence or calculation the encountered error occurred in.  Therefore, when you view its error log, you can make an error analysis.  To view the error log, open Windows Explorer by performing a special procedure from the maintenance menu and then copy "drwatson32.log" from the \Winnt\System\ directory on
drive C to a floppy disk.
Screen Blue Panic
This abnormality is basically attributable to a PC hardware problem.  It is often caused by a defect or poor contact (improper assembly) of the CPU, memory, or expansion card in the PC.  Anyway, this abnormality is found in the hardware check that is conducted by the PC before loading of the OS (Windows NT).  This abnormality may also occur when the PC memory is accessed during an  operator intervention.  If  this abnormality occurs, check to ensure that the units in the PC are in proper contact.  If this cure does not help, replace defective hardware.  (This abnormality can be cleared by replacing the memory or ensuring its proper contact.)
Startup Failure or OS Error Occurrence
If startup is not achieved at the press of the start switch because an error occurs from the beginning or while the Windows opening screen display process is in progress, it is likely that the OS is damaged due to a certain hard disk drive trouble.  In this instance, the screen displays a message in white characters on a black background.  This problem may frequently be solved by reinstalling the OS (Windows NT).  It is worth trying if a substitute PC is not immediately available.  This method particularly works when a recently released PC (XL type) is used.  If a hard BIOS error occurs, you should replace the PC or take a remedial action in accordance with the on-screen message.
Keyboard or Mouse Freeze
This problem may often occur when the keyboard or mouse cable is disconnected, broken, or in poor contact.  Both the keyboard and mouse are connected to the PC via the serial ports.  If the keyboard or mouse is disconnected from the PC for some reason after its startup, it looks as if it is frozen.  If you encounter this phenomenon, you must re-establish the keyboard/mouse connection and restart the PC.  If a recently released PC (XL type) is used, it may not check or recognize the connection when it restarts.  Therefore, if such a PC is used, you must turn OFF the scanner circuit breaker to shut off the entire power supply to the PC and then restart the PC.  When a program hangs up, the mouse and keyboard are mostly operative.  If you encounter a hangup during the execution of a certain operation, you can escape such a situation when you perform the emergency shutdown procedure with the mouse or simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys to exit the currently running or waiting application
Network Error
In general, a network error is mainly caused by an improper connection to the DI controller or telephone line.  Therefore, you should first check for a disconnected cable and de-energized modem or DSU.  It is also well to remember that the network settings may be unexpectedly changed for some reason.  Therefore, you should check to ensure that the network settings are correct.  You should also keep in mind that the software can be damaged by a computer virus.
Various Communication Errors
Each component unit of Frontier has a control CPU.  It has its own communication system to
exchange information.  Main communications are outlined below:
-  PC « GMB20 (GMC20) (image processing section): A SCSI is used to exchange information for
various operating control purposes, send/receive images, and download programs.
-  GMB20 (GMC20) « CTB20 board: The RS422 serial interface is used to exchange information
including the data and control signals about the light source, lens, and carrier. 
-  GMB20 and GLO20 (scanner) « FMA20 and CTL20 (printer)
  The 1394 serial communications link is used to transfer print images, exercise print control,
control various states, and download programs.
-  CTL20 « CTP20 board: The RS422 serial interface is used to control the processor, establish
various status control communications, and download programs.
-  GMB20 (GMC20) « CCD20 board: The RS422 serial interface is used to exchange information
about scanning timing and others.  Communication errors that may occur include offset or light
intensity adjustment errors, including X-1186 (Scan SH communication error), E-1130 (automatic
light intensity adjustment failure due to an excessive CCD output), and E-1131 (offset cancel
Software Upgrade and Various Parameters
Software program upgrade control is provided by an installer program stored on CD-ROM.  For installation purposes, the clean install, reinstall, upgrade, or downgrade procedure is performed, as detailed below:
(1)  Clean install
  When an entirely new machine is manufactured or when the existing parameter cannot be continuously used after PC replacement in the market, the default values about the parameters and conditions possessed by the software are to be loaded.  When you perform a clean install, you must set up all the conditions anew.  As regards the printer parameters, note the mechanical fine adjustment value label attached to the printer door and enter the labeled values.  For the scanner, perform the post-CCD-replacement adjustment procedure.
(2)  Reinstall
  You are supposed to perform a reinstall when the parameters can be entered from a floppy disk after PC replacement.  Basically, all the previous data parameters will be continuously used.  Therefore, you merely have to confirm the condition setup and make fine adjustments as needed.  Since the FUJIFILM folder usually exists on drive D, you cannot directly proceed to perform a reinstall except when you replace the PC.  However, you can perform a reinstall after renaming the FUJIFILM folder
  Basically, the software is to be upgraded step by step.  Do not for example, attempt to upgrade the software from the current version to a version that is three levels higher.  More specifically, you are allowed to upgradethe software from Version 4 to Version 6; however, you cannot upgrade from Version 6 to Version 6.  When you perform an upgrade, the system stores the currently used software version after renaming it to "Old".  Therefore, you can downgrade the software from the installer CD-R to a version that was used before the last upgrade.  Also, note that a free hard disk space of more than 800KB is required because two software versions (old and new) are to be left installed.  If, for instance, a large number of B1 software templates are installed to render the remaining free hard disk space inadequate, you cannot perform an
(4)  Downgrade
 To downgrade the software, use the downgrade (Ver. Down) application software on the CD-R.  When you downgrade the software, the software version renamed to "Old" in the last upgrade is restored and made operative.

The backup floppy disk is used to load parameters when you reinstall the software as explained under "Upgrade".  The data stored on the backup floppy disk is upward compatible (that is, the backup floppy disk created with software version 6 can be used with software version 5).  The contents of the backup floppy disk are not introduced here because they were already described in a news bulletin.  Note, however, that the focus calibration data is the most important backup data.  If the backup floppy disk cannot be read and the chart jig is not available, you can perform an install from the floppy disk for another machine (in this case, however, you must make formal adjustments).  It was recently reported that a trouble was occasionally caused by an unreadable backup floppy disk.  The results of trouble analyses indicated that the employed floppy disk could not be read or written onto because it was flawed.  Therefore, clean the floppy disk drive with a cleaning floppy disk before making a backup floppy disk, and exercise care not to flaw the backup floppy disk. 

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