How to Play Win7/Vista Chess Titans Game in Xp

Windows 7 excellent three-dimensional chess titans xp in the game and I want to play here. It is different because you can not give xp. How can I do today to discuss their chess titans for xp in the game you can play. This is the first to play Chess Titans for .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (needed for XP and Vista only). If you have a lower version download here.

However the chess game is not officially given to XP versions of windows, there is a ported version of Chess Titans available to download. According to the developer chess game can be played on windows XP without much 3D effects as expected in vista. Although the game executable is completely portable as you can always directly run it by just double clicking chess.exe anywhere on your hard disk.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher
  • . Net Framework 3.5 SP1.
  • DirectX 9 Capable Graphic Card or higher
The chess titans experience can be increased by installing latest updated DirectX runtimes from Microsoft.

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