How to Setup Windows in Just 5 Minits Full tutorial with Screen Shot

Today I do a great job and pay for the software through which you can easily install Windows. Many of you may be able to own and 5 minutes to install the Windows install, but the absence of the screen to give details, including the fear of getting Short. Once you try it, but I was afraid at first, and do not have any problems detected.

This software is a backup, you're in the Windows application and not because of all the Windows corrupted when restored from the backup file. This software will help you out within 5 minutes you can set up with all the software and drivers. $ 49.99 price of the software is completely free. Below are details of some of the steps of the software will try to catch inasaalla.

I write to those who carefully read the entire post. You can only understand about this software is carefully paralei. I have a very simple way to try the software. The software available for download, click the following lintite Acronis True Image Home will come from its Web site and click the Free Trial software can be downloaded.

At the end of the serial is set up with the right software to download. To create a bootable CD, you can adjust the setup to be. Fear not very easy. The CD should be in your DVD Writer and a blank. If not, create an image of the writer ISO keep somebody from the DVD Writer to create a bootable cd from the taking. Now let's look at the original point....

Step 1. Make Bootable CD

As shown above, go to Start Programs Acronis; Acronis True Image Home Bootable Rescue Media Builder from the click. The following picture is the same show.
Now Press next

This left little room to Acronis True Image Home (Full version) of the tick by putting it front room. Next day Next day again.
The above picturesque CD-RW Drive (J:) Select Next day again
Now click on Proceed. To create your bootable CD to be within moments of the diameter. The CD will come out automatically. Keep it carefully, because it would take to run your XP setup.

Now we know how to create windows backup with Acronis 
Which is a good backup before you pay attention to many factors. These are -
    1. If your Windows setup with a few days ago that if you do not need a new setup. If you long before you did it yourself.  Year. The software update will be required to take. For example - Antivirus, Dot net, Java, etc., direct x-ray.
    3. The software is necessary to uninstall the software and leave the rest to be removed.
    4. My documents and c drive and delete all unnecessary files. Download Manager by default my documents in a folder is created in the name of the Download, it is necessary to check the file to another location and delete the rest of all your friends.
    5. Clean the registered mail. CCleaner can also use this for you. In other words, you can adjust your mind like a computer.
If you go to the desktop or from the Acronis True Image Home 20xx to run the program.
The red arrow indicates the option to click Back Up.

Now click on the Disk and Partition Backup Options Won

  If you select the drive Windows is installed on the day. Generally, the C drive and Windows is installed. The C drive and select it as defold them. If you do not have C drive, or if the check mark next to the putting up  check. Then, click Next.
 Now, click Browse.
 The C-and CD / DVD drive, select drive, except for any other. The name and click Generate.

Generate a default name in the name of the file, click Mybackup. If you wish, you can change it, but by the end. .tib, do not change. Now Click Ok.

  Click Next

 Proceed press. If all of the backup process will begin within moments. Motherboard driver for Windows backup and only later with 4 / 5 to take a minute. To a 1.5 GB file size may be. But with all the software you need a little more time and file size may be 3.5 to 4.5 GB.
If the backup is successful, you will get the message.

Now see How to restore Backup 

Two different windows can be restored. It -

    Way 1. directly from Windows.
    Way2.  bootable CD-ROMs.

Way 1. It can be restored directly from the description below of how the: -
Desktop or Start> programs from the Acronis> Acronis True Image Home software on your view. As shown below will appear.

Now, select Recover from Disk and Partition Recover.

Now, click Browse.

Now that you have as a backup drive and Windows will find it. Click on the drive.
 As shown above, please select OK.
 Now select the next button at the top as shown.
 Click Next button to check by putting your C drive.
 Proceed to make.
 Reboot and click Add. Computers will be re-start. It will be installed in your Windows. 4 / 5 minutes to take. And if you get massage.

Way 2. Bootable CD is restored to the process: -
If you go to the motherboard BIOS to boot to select the CD / DVD ROM first.
The Acronis bootable CD in the CD drive that the PC Start. If your BIOS First Boot as the Acronis CD and run the search will be. Now you have two options to select Acronis True Image 2010.
Next Step is to re-store to do the same. So please do not follow.

Click OK to close the Success message is re-stored. Now Windows will restart. Since the bootable CD in your CD drive is still there, therefore it will be the same two options. Now you can select. Windows will run just like when restored.

Change the BIOS boot after taking this approach. There are many features of this software is the more important to be taking it manually.

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