New AC Ryan Playon DVR HD

The new AC Ryan Playon! DVR HD offers multimedia playback, network-attached storage, digital video recording and TV tuners in a compact 185 x 158 x 57mm settop box. Based on the Realtek 1283 chipset, it delivers extensive file compatibility that includes MKV for Blu-ray rips and RealNetwork's RMVB of variable bitrate extension. There's also the advantage of integrated TV tuners (analog and DVB-T or dual DVB-T). These enable broadcast reception as well as recording up to crisp HD quality and Dolby Digital surround sound, together with convenient Web record scheduling capability.

There're also composite A/V inputs for users to record content from external devices. The recordings and other media files in the integrated hard drive can be accessed and played back over the Internet via a Web browser, though real-time TV streaming capability is not supported. Other notable functions are a built-in file server, BitTorrent client and high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi via an optional USB dongle. The highly versatile Playon! DVR HD with hybrid analog and DVB-T tuners will be launched in Singapore at the IT Show 2010 from March 11. Pricing and regional availability are not known for now.

Key specifications

  • Music, photo and video playback via HDMI 1.3 output
  • Network attached storage with UPnP-compatibility
  • Supports internal SATA harddisk up to 2TB and external USB/eSATA drives
  • Digital video recording for TV shows up to HD and via composite A/V inputs
  • Dual TV tuners (analog and DVB-T or dual DVB-T)
  • Networking via Ethernet and optional 802.11g/n USB dongles
  • Component-video, composite-video, digital optical audio and coaxial audio outputs
  • BitTorrent client
  • HTTP/FTP file server
  • 1,920 x 1,080-pixel graphical user interface

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