Fuji Frontier 370 Error Message W-1224

Error Message W-1224 Frontier 370

If you see error 2529 sos detection failed massage in Fuji frontier 370, you can following below step.

Check Cartridge improperly installed.

Error Detection Method of Error Message W- 1224

240 cartridge motor time-out error (CTB)

Possible cause of Error Message W-1224 

1.    Chucking sensor does not detect chucking within 600 ms because driving load is increased in the nest section.
2.     Poorly connected connector in carrier
3.    Faulty cartridge motor.
4.    Faulty circuit board: SSI20 (cartridge detection), SSH20 (chucking detection), CYC20
5.    Faulty nest section

Investigation Procedure

(1) Check the connector in carrier.
(2) Check the motor operation in the I/O check.
(3) Check the cartridge chucking in the I/O check.
(4) Check the CYC20 circuit board.
(5) Check the load in the nest section.
(6) Check the harness in carrier.


(1) Check the connectors in carrier: CYC2,
D456, CYC2A, SSH1, CYC1, M444
(2) Replace the motor.
(3) Replace the SSI20 or SSH20 circuit board.
(4) Replace the CYC20 circuit board.
(5) Replace the nest section.
(6) When the CYC20 circuit board is replaced, follow the procedure given in the manual for replacing the circuit board in the carrier.

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