How to add Flip3D Effect in win-7 without any software

Today I am a fun tips share. If you are using Windows 7, it will take them. Financing is very easy to use Windows 7, and without any software, you can add the Flip-3D effect. To do this follow the following step -

Right mouse button click on the desktop and select New from the Shortcut -

  Then a window will appear as below

Type the location of the item: box and enter the following -
RunDll32 DwmApi #105 Win7 Flip
And press Next baton. Then a window will appear as below

 Now Type a name for this shortcut: Enter in the box below - Flip-3D

Then click on the Finish button. You create a Shortcut. Now change the Icon. Right-click the mouse cursor on top of that out of the Shortcut and select Properties. The Shortcut tab, click Change Icon -

  Then a window will appear as below

The Look for icons in this file: in the box below - imageres.dll and click OK. Click Apply and OK OK again and again to the Properties. Shortcut to the bottom of your show -

Right-click on the mouse and select Pin to taskbar and Start button with the mouse and move it to the next -

Shortcut to the Desktop in which you can delete. Now, more than one window open on your PC, click the Flip-3D and more 3D effect.

Keyboard shortcut for it can be
Windows + Tab
What fun to see.

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