Fuji Frontier Back Printing Selection and Custom Setup Back Printing Display

Select back printing pattern on the “135/120” or “IX240” screen. The custom setting numbers and back printing can be confirmed on the “Back Print of Custom Setting [Display]” screen.

1.On the printing screen, select the “Printing (2)” and “Back Printing (2)” on the menu bar.
•The pull-down menu appears.
2. Select the “135/120”, “IX240” or “CustomBack Print Display”.
•The “135/120 Back Printing”, “IX240 BackPrinting” or “Custom Back Print Display” dialog box appears.
3. 135/120:
a. Select one of “1” to “6” of the back printing patterns.
b. Select the “User ID” or “Private Character” box and enter user ID or data using the numeric keys or  full keyboard.
*The maximum number of characters is 3 for the user ID and 35 for private character.
4. IX240:
a. Select one of “1” to “4” of the printing items.
b. Select “1” or “2” for the date punctuation.
5. Custom Setup Back Print Display:
•The custom setting numbers and back printing table appears.
6. To proceed, click [OK].
•The dialog box disappears.

: Double-character Frame No.
ABC : User ID
Sno  : Serial No.
SORT : Sort No.
YYYMMDD : Date (Example: 19990205)
PP...........................PP : Private-use Letters
MM.MM : Magnification
IARRWSSKK CMYDDD  : Correction Data
AAA : Rotating Angle
SSSSS : Exposure Condition Retrieve No.

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