How To Remove Or Reset XP and Vista Login Passwords

This works 100%. Tested it on DUAL boot (on same hard drive XP & Vista in different partitions and resetted passwords on both the operating systems) as well. Fantastic work in seconds. Even activated the disabled Administrator account on Vista with ease resetted its pass as well. WORKS JUST AWESOME.

To boot from CD:
Step1. Just burn the ISO on a blank / re-writtable cd
Step2. boot & follow instructions carefully.

To boot using a USB drive / key: (your target system needs to support USB boot)
1. (make sure you have win rar or some tool to extract the ISO files contents) Now right click the ISO and select Extract option. Copy all files which you extracted onto the USB drive in open / root of it. NOT IN ANY FOLDER

2. Run the following from a command prompt ( Start > Run > cmd ) like this:
x:\syslinux.exe -ma x: where x is your USB drive letter
replace x with some other letter if your USB drive is on another
drive letter than x:

If it says nothing, it installed the bootloader correctly.

Step3. Now make sure you have the USB boot option selected and on top on the target computer
Step4. insert this USB in to the system and boot
Step5. boot menu will appear automatically
Step6. read the instructions carefully and reset the passwords


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