How to solve Calibration error (6082-015) with qss-3001

Stap 1.
Before you change to another paper type and /or set another magazine Paper Specification Registration/Setup for the new paper must be executed. One might expect results such as you describe if this procedure is not carried out.

You may also need a copy of the latest version CD Profile Data Ver xx for the QSS3001 to ensure the paper you're trying to set up is loaded (or close to) into the machine data
The best way out of this predicament is to simply recover from say last weeks backup floppy's. Will only take a few minutes.......Pick a date when you know it was good, then start over following the steps in the manual.

You should already have a similar Fuji paper type profile to select from to achieve reaonable results nonetheless
Profile Ver Vol2 -6.65 is here
Instructions on how to install follow on from the Paper Specification chapter in you manual.

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