Fundamentals of PLC

P L C:
P L C is a Programmable Logic Controller. P L C is a device which can be used to control other devices easily, in some cases it serves as an alternative to the micro controller. Equity is the difference between the micro controller and the PLC, the micro controller is required to enter the program, but the P L C ladder diagrams can be done quite easily.

How to Work PLC.   

PLC control system is a type of microprocessor base. It has a programmable memory. This is a different type of memory is stored instructions, in which mathematical, logical, timing, sequencing, etc. functions are executed. It works similar to the micro controller, but the main difference is that the micro controller with high power industry controlling system, it is used to control the low power micro controller and sophisticated control system is used to control. 

Based on the work of PLC input signal will be the first step in the processing of the second stage of the diagram ladder desired output signal can be found, which is very easy to control other devices.

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