Top Security Tips for Mac.

I started a job as an operator in the color lab. When take photos from customer Camera to our computers was infected by the virus. I have a friend that I would contact for advice and servicing of used Mac. He would give me the solution. At the end of it all is that Mac had used. If you use a Mac, but you will not be a virus related problems. He told me once, and Mac are not affected by the virus. . However, I am now working on another one of employment. You know, Mac usually is complex and productive use. I think that is because of the Security. Today I will share with the Top 10 Security Tips for Mac.
Considering over 100 million Mac OS X user’s world-wide, primarily in US, security measures for Mac has importance.  Since as a popular one, it also becomes a target for threats. There are some Apple specific malwares like Mac Trojan Flashback which shows that even Mac is not 100% risk free. Here are some security tips for Apple Mac OS X users to protect their system from malwares, viruses and Trojans.

1. Disable Java: As we already, more than 700,000 computers running Mac infected with Flashback Trojan. This threat affects on systems with outdated java plugin running. Since it's not easier to update java as in windows, easier option is to disable java from within the web browser itself (Safari). You can disable java by going to Applications >  Utilities > General tab.

2. Run mac updates regularly:  Install all available patches and security fixes. To perform updates: click on the apple icon on the top of the screen and choose "Software Update".

3. Turn off automatic logins:  Unless you’re at home, do not enable automatic logins. It may be an annoying job to re-enter the passwords every time the system boots up but it makes your data more secure.

4. Secure internet connection - Enable firewall: Like windows, Mac OS x have an integrated firewall, but it has to be activated by the user for the first time. Click apple's logo at the top, click System Preferences, select Security the Firewall tab.

5. Stop communications sharing: Communication services like Bluetooth keeping in sharing mode in public places can cause the system vulnerable to external access. So when you're not using them, turn it off.

6. Download only from trusted sites: Most torrent files and crack zip files usually contains malwares and viruses. Avoid downloading such items.

7. Use a strong password: Don’t use any easy-to-guess strings like your pet's or Net ID. Combination of two or three words could create a good password.

8. Disable Guest account: to disable guest access to your system, follow there steps
•    Click System Properties
•    Open Accounts > Login options.
•    Disable "Automatic Login"
•    Set login window to display Name and Password
•    Click "Guest Account", disable 'Allow guest to log into this computer'.
9. Disable Auto fill in Safari: If there are chances of others using your computer, its recommended that you do not use the auto fill feature in safari browser.

•    Open Safari choose, choose "Preferences” from menu.
•    Goto Auto fill tab
•    Uncheck "Autofill web forms using info from address book card".
10. Get a good security software : Virus scanners and security softwares like Clam Xav, Virus Barrier and Kaspersky Anti-virus are made specifically for Mac OS X.

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