How to resume the file download from Mediafire

After one of my favorite movies to download when the power went out when he was 90%. I am a bad mood is. I think it's the end of the wait state. It was a link to download media fire. I started searching the Internet on how to resume the download in mediafire.Today I am here to share my resume with the remaining 10% download it from Mediafire. Share this article you'll love.

Needed Items.
  1. Firefox browser
  2. Remove Cookie(s) for Site Addon installed in Firefox. Download
  3. Internet download Manager (IDM)

First, open firefox  browser and start downloading the file using IDM from mediafire. The when you want to resume downloads which gives you an error, do the following steps:

 1.Open IDM, right click on your download and click properties.
 2. Copy the URL from Referrer   field.

 3. Paste the url in your firefox browser and load the page.
 4. Right click anywhere on that page and select 'Remove Cookies for Site'
 5. Reload the page
 6. Right click on the downloading link (Click here to start download from MediaFire..) then select Copy Link Location
7. Paste it in the Address field of download properties window in IDM.

8. Click Ok

Now you should be able to resume your download as normal. Right click then select Resume download

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