The work of functions key in win7

We do - use the keyboard function key is less than all I know. I only know the common work of some of the function key. 
summarizes the work function of the operating system chooser. I hope everyone will. F1 to F12 at the bottom of the  details.

F1: What to use as is. When the F1 key is pressed, then each of the programs that help page.

F2: Rename the file or folder is to use. Microsoft Word, press Alt + Ctrl + F2 to open a new document. Ctrl+ F2 Print Preview button in Microsoft Word.

F3: What programs will take a lot of search options on the Microsoft windows. Written in Microsoft Word, press Shift + F3 to uppercase or lowercase The first letter of each word in capital letters with the work. 

F4: Microsoft Word by clicking on the last action performed Repeat. Activated by pressing Alt + F4 to close the program. Press Ctrl + F4 to activate all Close the window.

F5: Press Microsoft Windows, Internet browser, and Refresh is. PowerPoint slide show begins. Microsoft Word, and find, replace, go to the window is opened. 

F6: Press the mouse cursor to the Internet browser address bar. Microsoft Word document, press Ctrl Shift F6 to open the document to enable the other

F7: Spelling and Grammar button in Microsoft Word and Mozilla Firefox are just the start Creat browsing. Microsoft press Shift + F7 A selected word in the word, opposite words, words, etc. The type of information on the Dictionary.

F8: What is the operating system takes time to work. Generally, the key to start Windows in Safe Mode-This is a hit. 

F9: How to down Quark 5.0 The Measurement toolbar is open. 

F10: What is the Internet browser or an open window, press the Menu Select. No links or selected text by pressing Shift + F10 or mouse over image Click the button to the right.

 F11: Press Internet browser in full - screen mode on - of the.

 F12: Open the window by pressing the Save as Microsoft Word. Press Shift + F12 save the Microsoft Word document. And Ctrl + Shift + F12 Button to print the Microsoft Word document.

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