How to Maintenance Fuji Frontier (370/350/390 & etc).

I will work as well as a few from the company in the maintenance engineer. The company's machines are not the age of 20 years. Efficiency but now this machine is 96%. There have been some of the possible reasons for the maintenance. A very important issue for the maintenance any machine that is not new. You are the operator, they must be cautious about maintenance. maintenance of any machine, because, depending on the competence, Sharity and the quality of the picture. We have a talking to. That is, each device degradation have. And the decay rate reduces only at the right time maintenance. I have a table for them, where the list is that there are 370 of which are part of a long and maintenance to. There is an issue we share with I used to think that Grease BP Energol LSEP-3.
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