Fuji Frontier 390 Can turn your business / Details of Frontier 390 and Full Specification

Belive or not Fuji frontier 390 Can turn your business, it not a joke. I have a color lab business sins 1995.My business start with fuji mini lab 23s 2nd time bye recondition machine Fuji140,than came digital technology and buy noritsu 3001 but can not successes in business. At last my last invest in color lab business and buy Fuji frontier 390.Now i am a successfull business man. So my Exhortation to all color lab business men buy any print machine but some tought befour buy.
Today's customers are seeking a wider range of imaging services than ever before – using conventional films, digital still cameras and every type of computer-manipulated image. Fujifilm's Digital Minilab Frontier 390 was designed to answer these needs, with extra-large capacity and fast throughput, simple and flexible operation, and the superior level of image quality you've come to expect from Fujifilm. Built around advanced CCD line scanner and solid-state laser exposure systems and sophisticated image-enhancement technologies, the Frontier represents the evolution of proven silver-halide technology in a totally integrated digital setting.With the Frontier 390, you and your customers can now take advantage of the quality,expandability and capacity that this new digital world has to offer.

Fujifilm’s digital technology makes a real difference in image quality.Sophisticated image-processing and image-enhancement technologies harness digital technology to optimize each photo image, automatically compensating for less-than-ideal shooting conditions.The result is a visible difference in the photos you produce, with fewer rejected prints and more satisfied customers.
20-roll automatic film feeder
The new, productivity-enhancing Automatic Film Feeder NF2500AG option lets you load up to twenty rolls of 135 negative film all at once, making processing operations faster and easier.
High speed and high capacity
Besides remarkably high print quality, you'll also enjoy extraordinary speed and capacity – up to approx. 1,800prints/hr in semi-automatic mode and 2,200prints/hr in automatic mode with NF2500AG. The optional Automatic Film Feeder NF2500AG lets you feed up to twenty 135-size negatives into the scanner at one time.
Advanced Digital Technology
The state-of-the-art 3-line CCD scanning unit combines with sophisticated image-enhancement technology and a proprietary solid-state laser exposure system to achieve remarkable print quality.
Offer your customers high-quality prints from digital sources, either digital cameras or computer-created images on digital media. An exciting selection of print formats, appealing special-effects processes, and customized services are also available. 

Simple Operation
The exclusive one-channel print system simplifies operation by eliminating the need for manual channel selection and film-speed adjustment, and the one-touch chemical replenishment system is a single-cartridge chemical for clean, fast, and error-free replenishment tasks.
High speed and high capacity to maximize your investment.
The Frontier 390 has been engineered to provide maximum speed and throughput. Many of the operations are automatic and simple, so you can provide less waiting and faster processing.
2,200-print-per-hour*processing capacity
The Frontier 390 delivers an impressive 2,200 prints per hour* in automatic mode with the Automatic Film Feeder. Even with semi-automatic mode, it reaches a capacity of approximately 1,800 prints per hour.
* For 135 negatives; print size 4R; 152mm-width paper,using optional Auto Film Feeder.
25-order auto sorter
Another efficiency-boosting feature is the Frontier's automatic sorting system, a standard accessory. Prints for 25 different orders are sorted and stacked for easy filing and delivery.  (Prints width larger than 152mm or lengths longer than 254mm are fed into a large-sized tray for separate handling.)
8-inch-wide print size
The Frontier produces prints in a variety of popular sizes, up to 8RW (8 x 12 inches), including 3R/4Rand A4 sizes. Paper supply is by roll paper, up to 8 inches in width. 
Variety Print Service Software(Optional Software)
The software included in this package takes advantage of the Frontier's sophisticated digital image-processing capabilities, making it easy to create alternate print finishes and special effects like cross filter and soft focus.
Red-eye compensation
Eyes that appear red in a flash photograph can be easily corrected with this feature. Red-eye appearance displayed on the monitor is automatically corrected when selected using the mouse, and manual retouching is also possible.
This feature softens the tone of a print, to create an elegant effect.

This is used to place a 45-degree cross of light on any point on the photo to highlight a particular spot and create a bright mood. Making a light cross brighter also increases the area it covers; light crosses can be manually added and removed. 

This combines the cross-filter and soft-focus effects, adding crosses of light and softening the focus at the same time.

Free cropping
Custom cropping can be performed, and the film images can be moved up, down, to the right or left, revolved, and/or magnified.
SCANNER & IMAGE PROCESSOR Frontier 390 (SP-2500)
Scanning section:
Film carriers:3-line CCD; scanning of transported film.
• 135 automatic negative carrier NC135AG (standard);135F/P/Hv, 135 H, strips/piece (accepts sepia and black and-white films).
• Automatic negative carrier NC240AG for Advanced Photo System (IX240) film (standard); Advanced Photo System (IX240) C/H/P color negative cartridge/piece (accepts sepia and positive films).
• Multi-film carrier MFC10Y (optional)110, Advanced Photo System (IX240), 135, 126, 120,
220 (6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9) color negatives/strips/piece; color positives/strips/piece/mounting (accepts sepia and black-and-white films).
• Reversal Mount Auto carrier SC135YImage processing:Optimal color reproduction processing, color gradationcontrol, hyper-sharpness processing, hyper-toneprocessing, soft focus, facial expression enhancement,monotone finishing, red-eye correction processing, and others.
Display:15-inch CRT color display Multi-frame displaycapability (standard 6-frame display, can be set todisplay single frame or six frames).
Power requirements: AC200-240V (50/60Hz) 10A, 2.4KVA
Dimensions: 936 (W) x 815 (D) x 1,238 (H) mm
Weight:Approx. 146kg
Installation space:Approx. 0.76 m2


Type:Floor-type, normal-light operation (laser  printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).
Exposure system:Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers (solid-state G and B lasers).
Paper magazines: Single paper magazine (standard accessory).
Paper: FUJICOLOR paper (silver-halide).
Paper widths: 8.9, 9.5, 10.2, 11.7, 12.0, 12.7, 13.0, 15.2, 16.5, 17.8, 20.3, 21.0 cm.
Back printing:Two 40-character lines in Backside print of information.
Front printing:Time and date of photograph in black characters in lower-right corner on prints from Advanced Photo System (IX240) cartridge film.
Index print:Color index print and normal prints can be printed from Advanced Photo System/135 (negative, positive, black and white) film in one pass (by RGB laser exposure).
Printer sorter:Sorting capacity: 25 orders.
Printer condition setup:Semi-automatic calibration by AD100 calibrator.
Processor carriage:Roll processing.
Processing time:Dry to dry: 4 min.
Power requirements:AC200-240V (50/60Hz) Single-phase 32A, Three-phase three-wire 24A. Three-phase four-wire 15A.
Dimensions:2,564 (W) x 990 (D) x 1,920 (H) mm.
Weight:Approx. 800kg (1,050kg during actual operation).
Installation space:Approx. 2.50 m2.
Processor capacity:•135:3R/ 89 x 127 mm: Approx 2,780. prints/hr. (using 127 mm width paper)
4R/ 102 x 152 mm: Approx. 2,440 prints/hr. (using 152 mm width paper)
•Advanced Photo System (IX240): 54 rolls/hr. (3R C/H/P-mixed-format prints; 25 exp. roll and  index  print), (using 89 mm width paper).
•Digital still camera prints: 550 prints/hr. (DSC print size; prints from PC card and SmartMedia™).
•Media Prints: 550 prints/hr. (printed from Zip™ or MO disk).
Printable films:Color negative film:Advanced Photo System (IX240) and 135 (standard); 110, 126, 120, 220: optional;
Color positive film:135 strips, piece and mounting (optional);
Advanced Photo System: cartridge and piece (standard); mounting (optional) 120, 220 (optional),
sepia (Advanced Photo System)/135 black and white film (standard).
Print sizes:82.5 x 117 mm – 203 x 305 mm.
Acceptable digital media:Through external personal computer, prints fromfloppy disk, ZIP™ disk, CD-R, MO disk, digital still cameras (selected format), Smart Media, PC Card, Compact Flash™, and recommendedscanners are available.
Processing chemicals:New chemical system CP-48S.

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